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ECOLAWN Applicator: The Story

In the late 1990’s, Daniel Cote purchased a property in Vermont, USA, the property bordered onto a small lake, the lawn around this property was in a very poor condition after years of neglect, to make matters worse a local by-law prohibited Daniel from using chemical fertiliser on his lawn.

After researching for an ecological land care solution, Daniel decided to spread a composted soil conditioner over his lawn, a trailer load of product was delivered and duly spread over the aerated and re-seeded lawn area, using only a shovel, the application was very difficult, but the out-come was spectacular! In just three weeks the lawn turned lush and green and was completely transformed.

Several of Daniel’s neighbours asked if he would apply the same treatment to their lawns.

Recognising there was “a real need for this kind of service” and no such providers in the area Daniel foundered ECOLAWN, after treating 20 lawns in his first summer trading using only a barrow, shovel and rake he found the applications very strenuous and it would be difficult to maintain as a long-term business venture.

Looking for a machine that would spread compost effectively and efficiently was difficult, there were plenty of industrial tractor mounted and towed spreaders but nothing specifically for lawn care operative’s or landscapers that would work on smaller areas, many with limited access.

With help from a mechanical designer friend, a prototype machine was designed, this machine would later become the first self-propelled pedestrian ECOLAWN Applicator.

Eighteen year ago Daniels peers in the lawn-care business thought his idea marginal, eco-friendly services where not looked upon as a viable lawn-care business opportunity, today eco-friendly lawn-care is a mainstream business.

Changing times and legislation mean there are more and more restrictions on the use of synthetic fertiliser, chemicals and irrigation systems, especially in urban areas.

With many years’ experience, producing, promoting and using the ECOLAWN top dresser, Daniel Cote has brought a very efficient and cost effective pedestrian top dresser to market, which will spread all bulk-material products including, all grades of sand, crumb rubber, PAS100 soil conditioner, screened compost and most pellet products.