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Compactor plate clutch, fits 3/4” shaft

100 mm drum diameter


Compactor plate clutch, fits 5/8” shaft

100 mm drum diameter

We supply genuine clutch’s as supplied to many of the main original equipment manufacturers in the USA and UK.

NORAM MECHANICAL AND CENTRIFUGAL CLUTCHES act as inexpensive transmissions. They are designed to allow for safe, no-load, quiet starting of power equipment. Once engaged, NORAM clutches help reduce vibration, utilize peak torque for more efficient engine performance, and provide overload protection for operator and equipment safety.

NORAM CENTRIFUGAL CLUTCH PRODUCTS are considered the highest quality in the market today. NORAM is an established leader in providing superior manufacturing and power transmission solutions for its industrial clutch customers. NORAM centrifugal clutches are designed to fit engines ranging from fractional horsepower up to 50 HP applications. They are available in standard off-the-shelf configurations or designed to fit an OEM's specific requirements.

Noram have developed a very innovative range of clutch brakes that provide a simple and durable method of disengaging a drive and braking it within current legislation. Several different arrangements of pulleys and blade attachments can be provided. These clutch brakes have proved very popular on lawn tractors where a drive shaft adapter fits over the engine shaft and the clutch brake assembly transmits power to the wheels and the mower deck

BM117 Husqvarna / Electrolux OEM no. 170163

BM127 Husqvarna / Electrolux OEM no. 180354

BM129 MTD OEM no. 717-1787

BM128 MTD OEM no. 717-1788

North American Clutch Corporation


12-16 hp


NORAM’s 1800 Series centrifugal clutches were designed for pumps, compressors, floor buffers, construction equipment, drilling equipment, garden equipment, chipper-shredders, road machinery, farm machinery, stump grinders, earth augers, plate compactors, float trowels.


Engineered for a broad range of power demanding industrial applications. • Three shoe configurations allow 360º of contact surface for maximum torque efficiency with less slip and greater operating range. • Shoe linings have high coefficient of friction and are resistant to wear, fading and troublesome vibration.


3-10 hp


NORAM’s 1600 Series centrifugal clutches were designed for construction equipment, drilling equipment, garden equipment, chippers-shredders, road machinery, farm machinery, stump grinders, earth augers and compactor plates.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS: No-load Starting. • Overload Protection. • Speed Control. • Electric Motors To Reach Starting Torque Requirements. • 360 Shoe Contact Surface. • Designed with more horsepower for industrial clutch applications. • If the models available on the web don’t meet your needs then please fill out our spec sheet or call us. Our engineering data base contains hundreds of variations to choose from or we can design a centrifugal clutch to meet your particular needs.



CENTRIFUGAL CLUTCH APPLICATIONS: NORAM’s 4000 Series centrifugal clutches were designed to meet the rugged expectations of the OEM lawn and garden markets as well as light construction markets. The unique two shoe design offers a smooth engagement and very good low end torque. Perfect for light construction applications, karting applications and lawn and garden OEM’s. Available in pulley or sprocket configurations.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS: 2,000 rpm engagement. Overload Protection. No-load starting. Bi-directional. Speed Control. 3/16” Keyway. 4” Drum Diameter. Industrial Strength Quality.

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